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CI Monthly Feature #22

Sun Jun 1, 2014, 4:00 AM
Hello dear members and watchers,

Another article featuring works from members! This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to our +39k watchers and the whole community!

Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

Arrietangel23 - Gaiaonline by Essuom Sehun by ginlover81 As the sun goes down... by theNightwishmaster sweet temptation by P4uLx Commander Moro by Persephonica 
Spectral Pond - handmade Pendant by Ganjamira Cloud Egg Adopt by SerendipityX4 Commission for LadyShenzuki by Aritsune-chan King by Fruitatious Hiccup by YAMATA12 
Little devil Panda by Keimichi 2Kawaii4U+++::.. by PewPewPewPie Feathers by l3onnie Mucha-esque (Color) by jurggonnaloveit Wrathful the teeny weeny dragon 2 by wibblequibble 
spring meadowsbroken breezes throb;
a slow smile and naked nights.
clouds of porcelain blush.
 ::Ginna X Shino::Cosplay 5 by xXChiharuDawnXx The Empty King: Chapter 4 by TerminusLucis Mad Moxxi by SenorDoom it's nothing(updated) by moonpeck 

Long-Tongued Liars by FigBeater Game of Thrones by mishka6677 Qe-Rai (First Concept Coloured) by Seminon .:Cadenza:. by KatNap8181 dumb pathetic french professors by sleep-run 
David's 10th by DegasClover :.TwF.: Destiny by orribu seasons of your day by SMT-Images Monotany tutorial by theheek Fidoodlies by ArbiterGirl 
the long way home by Avender Primavera para Dos by RocioZero I'll give you half of my life... by KuroeMoon Roza by TsukikoTakahashi 48. Wicked Lady by Animecolourful 
Someone... by GlyphBellchime + M*RS: Space Seer Ver. 2 + by SerketStalker Giant Slayer by AdaptableSimon Strive by rhayenvy Crepuscule {Winged Collection Pt.1} (Updated) by Kaitlin73 

Gracie by RustyCroutons The Reaper Asked Who I Was. by wdnest Nekomata by artisticallystrange Find My Way by silis-nois You can see me? by tashaj4de 
Spirit of Youth by MyrtoGkl Rhaphigaster Nebulosa by wuestenbrand Don't Mess With a Red Lantern by ShiyaHawk Game of Life by Alyvia-Write Biker Chick by TheComicChick 
Madagascar by ascenciok [C] Bumi's family by wcqaguxa Commission- deadTwinkies by sysengrat [KnB] C.O.M.A Ch3 cover +ANNOUNCEMENT! by Aeveternal Commission: Pregnant Bondage by SinfullyCute 
Gundam FC - Princess Kysaira Zeppoles by HYPERJOSEPH May Death Never Stop You Doodle by Andrelica Elemental Box Dragons by SonsationalCreations request 1 Kitty8688 by Seimide Nikon by MichaelNN 

happy birthday flop by Chewsome Autumn Lion by Bree-Kim Flowers and a bee by reznor666 Color yourself happy! by IVSMA Fly::Fall by Art-in-heart4va 
moving forward by konoumin Goblin Twin #1 by Estherella The Nightingale and the Rose by MissYoghurtcake Anaake-ki The Cherubim by TheSilentBlueRose The Rose by Rosepupp 
The World Is Mine by Terrathefox Knife Stances 15 by Null-Entity Her Chaotic Soul - Kyria Aria by Timothi-Ellim Stare v2 by Pdubbsquared Frozen: Chibi Anna by izka-197
The Paladin by ParadisiacPicture Magicians by SoulOfAnEmptyShell Denki Sai - The TOKIO FUNKA World Tour by AsymptoticWay botoru miku by YumiKF Duelest Kingdom [Contest Entry] by moggy2007 

Sanamu and Kylie by Chotara Sleepless Dawn by Jolly-Imp Hello I'm ms. pretty by wouterpasschier In Grass by LikaKinsky fighting the nightmares by JulLoy 
Your Blood Taste Like Rust by nihase 1st batch by ishy-chan B-day peacock by inlovewithyourshadow Friend On Ice by ElwenDesign Jessie-Chan by katsuroyasu 
You just need to Let it Go by BlueMormon Supernatural - Castiel paper doll by caycowa Rainbow Bird by rosepeonie It's now or never by Nedaru A-24 by Cassan 
A Halloween TaleFor Halloween 2012, Chiro and the others were busy in decorating the Super Robot and the town for the Halloween celebrations. Little Kids were getting costumes to wear for Trick or Treat. The elders were getting the food and candy ready. Everything was going good, until something weird happened. Before that, back at the Super Robot, the team were getting their Halloween costumes and Halloween treats ready.
"So, who's gonna make the Halloween treats this year?", asked Chiro.
"Not me. I did it last year.", replied Sally.
"I not sure", said Jinmay.
"Neither are we", said the robot monkeys together.
Nobody was thinking of making the treats all by themselves. There was a long silence for a while. Then, suddenly Sally spoke up.
"Why don't you do it, Chosen One?" asked Sally.
"Yeah, you Chiro."
"But, I can't"
"I'm not really good at making Halloween treats. Unless..."
"....unless I get some help", replied Chiro and blushed. He felt kinda embarrassed in saying that he co
 Third Month of the Season by reblog Monkeys From The Arctic by KidiMaster Blu moon by Asilh87 Falls at Brewster Pond by GUDRUN355 

Soft sheets by MiharuStar Rose study by RoadsUntraveled red by GodessFae Beautiful Lena in Graphite by SHParsons Michelle by ashoffeathers 
Fresh by LadyCarnal Land of Two Skies by SepticSkeptik You smile like the Mona Lisa by HoshinoDestiny RBL Total Rekall by rbl3d Kou by Prawlette 
Vash by Kallian91 s e r e n i t y by selinmarsou No Reason For Fear by StarfireArizona Comm - Sitting Set 5 by DarthRose Genderbent Ene by Nerah-chan 
Another Planet by Sasa-Van-Goth Sasha Blouse: Potato Please? by StarWarsJediAmy Retreat of the Sun - n. 15 by GiuseppeTria  Hotel RoomsAgeing walls as blank as stares
enclose equally lifeless rooms
full of people with ageless cares -
dull eyed bodies in their tombs.
And the T.V. humming through the walls
blocks out how reality looms.
And the blinking lights in the halls
buzz in flat tones of guests' affairs.
But oh how banality enthralls!
 Run Gingerbreadman Run by efffkaK 

Moltres by DarkFlame11 Elite Four: Nonon by WitchieCat Visa - Contest entry for TheBirthdayMuffin by HanaBlueHoshiko Cerulean Sky by Erisiar Tiger by Robydude 
face sketch by popicok Shaymin by StuffedPolarFox Harshery by Respelia Ragnhild Battle Sprite (beta) by VenusRain Banana Split by Yenni-Vu 
Deep Blue by annewipf Blue Homeland by Varen-Ka Shiba Inu by JonnoGerritsen Dream 17 reupload by RoadZero Train Heartnet by ricecuni
My Metalhead by S-e-l-a The Black Stag Bullets by TheBlackBullets Maleficent by ThePurpleSorcerer Return manga Promotional Poster by VectorSushi Over the Head by cheslah 

Guidance by fantreasureplanetljs Don't read now by theMaianebula Differences by KatharinaKuebler Belly dance Goddess by Robus2 Cathedral in a weird Dream by Brainstorm-bw-style 
Deerstalker Keychains by TheSmall-Stuff Lush Loves You! by LushLovesYou The Stars in Her Eyes by merunicorn Kei_Tsu by HimenoRenai ant by blueimagination 
Where is it by Cougi Mother's Day by SharonLeggDigitalArt Marie Antoinette by EdaHerz Master Theif Phantom by GirlWithTheGreenHat Silent Tears by RankaStevic 
Eclipse by TheScribbler12 doodle140505 by feroren Contest: Perfect Crush by rOsso-mimi Light or Darkness? by kittumgirl Into the Woods by KadenDragon 

I'll find you tomorrow by Kirinoru Gabriel Belmont by lightshelter Izka-197 Contest: Izka and Amelia by ChillhYoh It's Leviosa, not Leviosar by GemaStarlight Fergie ~ Black Eyed Peas by lemgras330

:Sota: Aftermath by tomomi-sama Princess Merida by MagicalMerlinGirl GIFT - Sansa Stark by rosy-GingerPear The Beauty and the Beast by BitteMiau Bhumi The Dragon Folk Princes by Narasura-of-Kashi 
Rija Wth Wings by Stacy-L-Gage Foxy stole lucario's pants by StarshineHaste Between Ourselves by SolitaireWulf twitt twitt by thehades 'Leaf-Hearted' Dichroic Fused Pendant by Dimolicious 
Star Spiral Earrings by MaGeXP Spacing Out by Matna-chan FEAR by CFJrosa winged lady of fantasy by keilelsun 

EDIT: you're all welcome! Sorry, I can't reply to all of you. <3

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Whoa thanks :D amazing artworks you have here :heart:
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lightshelter Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
thank you for featuring my picture T v T
Brainstorm-bw-style Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the Feature ;)
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